LED Solutions LED BLU Drivers

Product NumberTopology# of ChannelsInput Voltage [V]LED Current [mA]DimmingPackageDatasheet
MAP3525BSIRHQuasi-Resonant Switch Mode28.5 ~ 18Ext. MOSFETPWM/AnalogSOIC-24L
MAP3514DSIRHQuasi-Resonant Switch Mode18.5 ~ 18Ext. MOSFETPWM/AnalogSOIC-14L
MAP3524SIRHQuasi-Resonant Switch Mode28.5 ~ 18Ext. MOSFETPWM/AnalogSOIC-20L
MAP3622SIRHSwitch Mode28.5 ~ 18Ext. MOSFETPWM/AnalogSOIC-16L
MAP3621SIRHSwitch Mode18.5 ~ 18Ext. MOSFETPWM/AnalogSOIC-14L
MAP3249SIRHLinear Mode48.5 ~ 28200PWM/AnalogSOIC-16L
MAP3612SIRHSwitch Mode28.5 ~ 18Ext. MOSFETPWM/AnalogSOIC-16L

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