Magnachip develops and manufactures power management solutions for a wide range of applications, from discrete components to ICs

Our solutions




Discrete IGBTs

IGBT Chip for Standard Module

LED Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Power Conversions

Our products are widely used in diverse applications from the automotive industry to consumer appliances and renewables.

Why choose Magnachip?

Eco-friendly power solution

With significantly improved heat dissipation function and reduced energy use, our power-management solutions increase system stability while not compromising performance and cost efficiency – a real benefit for both our customers and the environment.

In-house technological expertise

Since 2008, Magnachip has developed the process technology to manufacture our discrete and IC products in-house. We’ve been striving for productivity and quality improvement in 8-inch wafer production lines. With accumulated technology and advanced facilities, we make quality power solutions, giving our customers a true competitive advantage.