There is a growing demand for high-resolution large displays for a number of industrial applications across several sectors

We provide large-display solutions for a wide range of flat-panel display sizes.

  • OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs
  • Public information displays
  • OLED monitors
  • OLED notebook computers
  • OLED tablet PCs
  • Automotive displays

Why choose Magnachip?

Products that combine high performance, low EMI and low power consumption

Magnachip’s optimized designs and outstanding process control result in outstanding products. Our solutions consume less energy, have low levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and safely dissipate electric static discharge (ESD).

Advanced technologies that meet needs

Magnachip’s DDICs for large displays include source and gate drivers with timing controllers, all available with a variety of interfaces, voltages, frequencies, and packages. Advanced technologies such as a high channel count of up to 1,542 channels give our products even greater flexibility.