Magnachip’s OLED DDIC comes into its own with premium display technologies

Well-rounded technologies
for premium displays

Magnachip’s mobile display driver integrated circuits (DDICs) are developed to support high resolution from FHD+ (1080 x 2520) to QHD+ (1440 x 3360) and wide-aspect ratios from 16:9 to 21:9. Also, our OLED DDIC products are suited to various form factors of flexible displays such as curved, foldable and rollable.


High frame rate OLED DDICs,
vital for 5G applications

We have developed and manufactured DDICs to manage high frame rates required for 5G mobile devices, and our OLED DDICs that support 120Hz/144Hz frame rates are enabling flawless, lively images on countless premium 5G applications in the world.

Why choose Magnachip?

The first company to master mobile OLED DDIC

For nearly two decades, Magnachip has pioneered the development of mobile OLED DDIC technology.
We have a history of world firsts in the industry.

  • 2003began developing the world’s first OLED DDIC for mobile phones
  • 2007produced the world’s first OLED DDIC for mobile phones
  • 2009produced the world’s first OLED DDIC for smart phones with an HD720 display
  • 2011produced the world’s first OLED DDICs able to display mobile game apps
  • 2012produced the world’s first OLED digital still camera (DSC) DDIC
  • 2013produced the world’s first DDIC for OLED TVs
  • 2014produced the world’s first DDIC for OLED tablets

Magnachip has spent the last six years further developing the design of several different mobile OLED DDICs so they are suited to the various technical specifications within the sector. We have continuously advanced our expertise and technology and further strengthened our position as a global leader for high-end mobile OLED DDICs.

The no. 1 OLED DDIC supplier in the non-captive global market

With a R&D center in Korea, Magnachip is at the core of the global electronic device supply chain. This geographic positioning, combined with outstanding expertise and local service, has helped us become number one in the global mobile phone DDIC market for non-captive suppliers, and stay there for the last 13 years.