Magnachip Launches New MOSFET to Enhance Protection for Wireless Earphones While Recharging

MagnaChip Launches New MOSFET to Enhance Protection for Wireless Earphones While Recharging

SEOUL, South Korea and SAN JOSE, Calif.


MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation (“MagnaChip” or the “Company”) (NYSE: MX), a designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products, announced today the company is entering the wireless earphone market with the introduction of a new MOSFET for wireless earphones for preventing the battery from overcharging. This MOSFET is designed to control excessive current flowing into wireless earphones while recharging the battery in order to protect wireless earphones from being damaged.

Since 2010, MagnaChip has been providing the world’s highest volume of MOSFETs for smartphone battery charging protection. MagnaChip expects that the Company’s place as the global leading supplier of MOSFETs will be solidified by virtue of increased demand in the variety of electronic products including wireless earphones.

In particular, it is the industry’s expectation that the size of the wireless earphone market may jump from 120 million units in 2019 to 230 million units in 2020, with subsequent annual growth rate as high as 90 percent.

The new MOSFET is designed to prevent damage to the delicate circuitry of the wireless earphone charging case by blocking excessive voltage from flowing to the charger. It also allows for highly-stable charging environment by blocking electrostatic discharge as high as 2kV from penetrating into the earphone charger, which often occurs during recharging. In addition to implementing strategies to increase the market share of MOSFETs for wireless earphones, MagnaChip is poised to expand the application of MOSFETs into wearable products such as smartwatches and VR (Virtual Reality) headsets.

Mr. Y.J. Kim, CEO of MagnaChip, said: “The charging performance is one of the key elements of wireless earphones in determining their overall quality and competitiveness. Our new MOSFET will contribute greatly to the increase of charging stability.” Mr. Kim added: “Based on our research and development capabilities progressed over the last several years, MagnaChip sees this sector as an excellent opportunity to diversify our target markets and we will continue to offer top quality MOSFET products for diverse applications.”

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