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Library Support
MagnaChip provides normal standard cell, high density standard cell, different pitches I/O, CUP (circuit under pad ) I/O and memory compilers in 0.13um, 0.18um, 0.25um, 0.35um, 0.5um and 0.6um mixed signal technologies. In addition, MagnaChip has standard cell in 0.11um, 0.13um, 0.15um, 0.18um, 0.30um and 0.35um High Voltage technologies.
IP Support
MagnaChip offers a comprehensive selection of digital and analog IP cores and services to develop and meet unique design requirements of our customers. This service allows customers to optimize their system architecture and develop proprietary functionality, while meeting increasingly stringent time constraints. We assist customers in making quick and easy decisions for all IP requirements by providing IP lists classified by verification level (product proven, silicon proven) and by introducing partners who have the necessary resources and expertise.
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