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Environmental Management
Environment System

We are operating an environment management system to make eco-friendly purchases and to control environmental contaminants. While satisfying environmental compliance requirements, we are continuously improving and complementing the system with regular internal and external audits. Also, by educating employees through in-house education programs and following up on their education results, we have put the system operation and implementation under constant supervision and maintenance. We acquired ESH (Environment, Safety and Health) certifications including ISO14001, ISO45001, Green Company and Process Safety Management (PSM) from global certification organizations such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and from Korea’s governmental such as ME (Ministry of Environment) and and the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Environment, Safety and Health Policy

MagnaChip will base all its activities on Environment · Safety · Health as basic management philosophy through continuous technology development to improve standard of quality for sustainable development of the world by maintaining cooperative relationship with regional community. To this end, we will be committed to fulfilling responsibility and obligation on environment, safety and health including compliance of the followings.

  • 1.

    Establishing internal ESH regulations with stricter compliance standards than international agreements and domestic laws.

  • 2.

    Identifying, evaluating and improving environmental, health and safety issues within the overall manufacturing process.

  • 3.

    Improving the environment and increasing profit margins by developing eco-friendly products, conserving resources, and utilizing recycling methods.

  • 4.

    Creating a safe and comfortable work environment by improving accident prevention and emergency response programs.

  • 5.

    Doing our part for global environmental conservation by improving the environment, safety and health of local communities in which we operate.

MagnaChip sets, implements and evaluates environment, safety and health objectives to achieve this policy and regularly measures and tracks their performance and progress and releases the results to relevant stakeholders for transparent ESH operations.

Certification Initial certification date Validity period Download
ISO14001 2004-12-28 2019-12~2022-12
OHSAS18001 2004-12-28 2019-12~2022-12
Environmental Conservation Activities

We, under the Framework Act on Low Carbon, Green Growth enacted by the government, are actively engaging in reduction of green-house gas exhausts and energy consumption while operating environmental systems to treat air or water pollutants, waste and hazardous materials. To protect air quality in the neighborhood of our business sites, we sort out contaminants produced during the manufacturing process by type and completely dispose of them using an air pollutant treatment system; we are improving efficiency in waste management by adjusting waste water inflow into treatment plants depending on the type of the water. We prevent environmental pollution by controlling possible pollutant sources not just focusing on waste treatment afterwards; we are continuously increasing recycling rates through relentless development of relevant technologies. Prior to the introduction of hazardous substances, we verify their environmental compliance in accordance with the pre-approval policy for new chemicals.

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