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Ethics & Compliance Report

We have adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that applies to all of our directors, officers and employees. We will provide a copy of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics without charge to any person upon written request made to our Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at MagnaChip Semiconductor, 15F V-PLEX, 501, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06168, South Korea.

All whistleblowers are protected by relevant laws of the Republic of Korea and the United States. All allegations will be validated and investigated. Appropriate actions will be taken where necessary. In all reports, please provide a full description of the circumstances, including who, what, when, where, why and how, if possible. Whistleblowers will not face retribution, and MagnaChip will deal harshly with anyone who engages in retaliatory activity. If requested, we will protect the whistleblower's anonymity to the extent possible.

  • · Unethical or illegal behavior or activities;
  • · Breaches of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics;
  • · Conflicts of interest;
  • · Violations of MagnaChip policies or internal regulations; and
  • · Any conduct giving the appearance of any of the foregoing.
  • · MagnaChip will protect the identity of whistleblowers.
  • · Whistleblowers may make anonymous reports.
  • · Employees or departments outside the Compliance & Internal Audit Team are prohibited from inquiring as to a whistleblower's identity, and disclosure of the identity of a whistleblower without the whistleblower's consent is not allowed.
  • · MagnaChip prohibits and will harshly deal with all retaliatory activity against whistleblowers, including but not limited to demotions,harassment, and bias in performance reviews.
  • · All reports will be validated through confidential investigations by the Compliance & Internal Audit Team and Audit Committee Chairperson.
  • · Online reporting : Please visit the Reporting & Results tab
  • · Postal address : Compliance & Internal Audit Team, MagnaChip Semiconductor, 15F V-PLEX, 501, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06168, South Korea.
  • · Disclose the allegation in detail and attach related documents, if any.
  • · Although whistleblowers have the right to report anonymously, we cannot provide the results of our investigation to the whistleblower if anonymous. The reporting system is not to be used to defame, harass, or file unfounded or spurious allegations.
Should you have any questions regarding MagnaBlueline, please contact the Compliance & Internal Audit Team at 82-2-6903-3491
Online Reporting
  • · The identity of a whistleblower is tightly protected and the investigations are confidential.
  • · Although anonymous reporting is allowed, we recommend you to use a real name.
  • · Describe alleged violator's personal information and fraud (who, what, why, when, where, and how)
  • · Defamation on a matter of private concerns will not be accepted.
  • · To correct the information reported, click View the results Folder and enter name and password.
E-mail * Administrator may use the email to ask follow-up question to validate a claim.
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