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Manufacturing & Facilities

Our manufacturing operations consist of two fabrication facilities located in Korea in Cheongju and Gumi. Our facilities have a combined capacity of approximately 113,000 eight-inch equivalent wafers per month. We manufacture wafers utilizing geometries ranging from 0.11 to 0.50 microns. The Cheongju facilities have two main buildings totaling 121,672 square meters devoted to manufacturing and development. The Gumi facility has one main building with 41,022 square meters devoted to manufacturing, testing and packaging.

In addition to our fabrication facilities, we lease facilities in Seoul, Korea, and San Jose, California. Each of these facilities includes administration, sales and marketing and research and development functions. We lease sales and marketing offices through our subsidiaries in several other countries.

The ownership of our wafer manufacturing assets is an important component of our business strategy. Maintaining manufacturing control enables us to develop proprietary, differentiated products and results in higher production yields, as well as shortened design and production cycles. We believe our facilities are suitable and adequate for the conduct of our business for the foreseeable future and that we have sufficient production capacity to service our business as currently contemplated without significant capital investment.

A substantial majority of our assembly, test and packaging services for our Display Solutions business and all of such services for our Power Solutions business are outsourced with the balance handled in-house. Our independent providers of these services are located in Korea, China, and Taiwan; however, we expect that our independent providers will only be in Korea and China commencing in 2020. The relative cost of outsourced services, as compared to in-house services, depends upon many factors specific to each product and circumstance. However, we generally incur higher costs for outsourced services, which can result in lower margins.

Although we own our manufacturing facilities, we are party to a land lease and easement agreement with SK hynix pursuant to which we lease the land for our facilities in Cheongju, Korea from SK hynix for an indefinite term. Because we share certain facilities with SK hynix, several services that are essential to our business are provided to us by or through SK hynix under our general service supply agreement with SK hynix. These services include electricity, bulk gases and de-ionized water, campus facilities and housing, wastewater and sewage management, environmental safety and certain utilities and infrastructure support services. The services agreement continues for an indefinite term subject to each party having a right to terminate in the event of an uncured breach by the other party.