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Products & Services

Our broad portfolio of products and services addresses multiple high-growth, consumer-focused end markets. A key component of our product strategy is to supply multiple related product and service offerings to each of the end markets that we serve.

Display Solutions
Display Driver Characteristics

Display drivers deliver defined analog voltages and currents that activate pixels to exhibit images on displays. The following key characteristics determine display driver performance and end-market application:

  • Resolution and Number of Channels
  • Operational Voltage
  • Driver Interface
  • Color Depth
  • Gamma Curve
  • Package Type
Large Display Solutions

We provide display solutions for a wide range of flat panel display sizes used in LCD televisions, including ultra-high definition televisions, or UHD TVs, FHD TVs, HD TVs, LED TVs, 3D TVs, OLED TVs, LCD monitors, notebooks, tablet PCs, public information displays and automotive.

Our large display solutions include source and gate drivers and timing controllers with a variety of interfaces, voltages, frequencies and packages to meet customers’ needs. These products include advanced technologies such as high channel count, with products in mass production to provide up to 1,542 channels. Our large display solutions are designed to allow customers to cost-effectively meet the increasing demand for high resolution displays. We focus extensively on reducing the die size of our large display drivers and other solutions products to reduce costs without having to migrate to smaller geometries. For example, we have implemented several solutions to reduce die size in large display drivers, such as optimizing design schemes and design rules and applying specific technologies that we have developed internally. We have recently introduced a number of new large display drivers with reduced die size.

Mobile Display Solutions

Our mobile display solutions incorporate the industry’s most advanced display technologies, such as OLED and LTPS, as well as high-volume technologies such as a-Si TFT. Our mobile display products offer specialized capabilities, including high speed serial interfaces, such as mobile display digital interface (MDDI), MIPI, reduced swing differential signaling interface (RSDS) and logic-based OTP memory. We focus extensively on reducing the die size of our mobile display drivers and other solutions products to reduce costs without having to migrate to smaller geometries. For example, we have implemented several solutions to reduce die size in mobile display drivers, such as optimizing design schemes and design rules and applying specific technologies that we have developed internally. Further, we are building a distinctive intellectual property portfolio that allows us to provide features that reduce power consumption, such as CABC and ACL. This intellectual property portfolio will also support our power management product development initiatives, as we leverage our system level understanding of power efficiency. Our OLED driver ICs can support various configurations such as high resolution from FHD+(2,240x1,080) to QHD+(3,120x1,440), wide aspect ratio from 16:9 to 21:9 and flexible bezel-less, edge type, and trench type OLED displays.

Power Solutions

We develop, manufacture and market power management solutions for a wide range of end-market customers. The products include MOSFETs, IGBTs, AC-DC converters, DC-DC converters, LED drivers, regulators, for a range of devices, including LCD, LED, and UHD televisions, digital signage, smartphones, mobile phones, desktop PCs, notebooks, tablet PCs, other consumer electronics, consumer appliances and industrial applications such as power suppliers, e-bikes, photovoltaic inverters, LED lighting and motor drives.


Our MOSFETs include low-voltage to mid-voltage, Trench MOSFETs, 12V to 150V, high-voltage Planar MOSFETs, 200V through 700V, and super junction MOSFETs, 500V through 900V. MOSFETs are used in applications to switch, shape or transfer electricity under varying power requirements. The key application segments are smartphones, mobile phones, LCD, LED, and UHD televisions, desktop PCs, notebooks, tablet PCs, servers, lighting and power supplies for consumer electronics and industrial equipment. MOSFETs allow electronics manufacturers to achieve specific design goals of high efficiency and low standby power consumption. For example, computing solutions focus on delivering efficient controllers and MOSFETs for power management in VCORE, DDR and chipsets for audio, video and graphics processing systems.


Our IGBTs include 650V to 1200V field stop trench IGBTs. IGBTs are used in high power industrial applications, such as UPSs, power supplies, motor drives, solar inverters, welding machines and consumer appliances.

AC-DC Converters and DC-DC Converters

We offer AC-DC and DC-DC converters targeting mobile applications and high power applications like LCD, LED, and UHD televisions, notebooks, smartphones, mobile phones, set-top boxes and display modules. We expect our AC-DC and DC-DC converters will meet customer’s green power requirements by featuring wide input voltage ranges, high efficiency and small size.

LED Drivers

LED backlighting drivers serve the fast-growing LCD and LED panel backlighting market for LCD and LED televisions, LCD monitors, digital signage, notebooks, smartphones and tablet PCs. Our products are designed to provide high efficiency and wide input voltage range, as well as pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming for accurate white LED dimming control. LED lighting drivers have a wide input voltage range applicable to incandescent bulb and fluorescent lamp replacement.


We also provide analog regulators for mobile and consumer applications. Our products are designed for high efficiency and low power consumption in mobile applications.


We also provide solid state drive power management integrated circuit (SSD PMIC) for the computing segment. Our product is designed for high frequency switching, high efficiency and pulse frequency modulation (PFM) function to reduce power consumption in low load converters.

Our power management solutions enable customers to increase system stability and improve heat dissipation and energy use, resulting in cost savings for our customers and consumers, as well as environmental benefits. Our in-house process technology capabilities and eight-inch wafer production lines increase efficiency and contribute to the competitiveness of our products.

Foundry Services

We provide specialty analog and mixed-signal foundry services to fabless semiconductor companies and IDMs that serve communications, IoT, consumer, industrial and automotive applications. We manufacture wafers based on our customers’ product designs. We do not market these products directly to end customers but rather supply manufactured wafers and products to our customers to market to their end customers. We offer approximately 508 process flows to our Foundry Services Group customers. We also often partner with key customers to jointly develop or customize specialized processes that enable our customers to improve their products and allow us to develop unique manufacturing expertise.

Our Foundry Services Group targets customers who require differentiated, specialty analog and mixed-signal process technologies such as high voltage CMOS, non-volatile memory and power. We refer to our approach of delivering specialized services to our customers as our applicationspecific technology strategy. We differentiate ourselves through the depth of our intellectual property portfolio, ability to customize process technology to meet the customers’ requirements effectively, long history in this business and reputation for excellence.

Our Foundry Services Group customers vary from small fabless companies to large IDMs who serve communications, IoT, consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

Process Technology Overview

Mixed-signal process technology is used in devices that require conversion of light and sound into electrical signals for processing and display. Our mixed-signal processes include advanced technologies such as low-noise process using triple gate, which allows die size reduction at any given performance level.

Power process technology, such as BCD, includes high-voltage capabilities as well as the ability to integrate functionalities, such as self-regulation, internal protection and other intelligent features. Unique process features, such as deep trench isolation, are suited for chip shrink and device performance enhancement.

High-voltage CMOS process technology facilitates the use of high-voltage levels in conjunction with smaller transistor sizes. This process technology includes several variations, such as bipolar processes, which use transistors with qualities well suited for amplifying and switching applications, mixed-mode processes, which incorporate denser, more power efficient FETs, and thick metal processes.

Non-volatile memory (NVM), process technology enables the integration of non-volatile memory cells that allow retention of the stored information even when power is removed from the circuit. This type of memory is typically used for long-term persistent storage.