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Competitive Strengths

Designing and manufacturing analog and mixed-signal semiconductors capable of meeting the evolving functionality requirements for electronics devices are challenging. In order to grow and succeed in the industry, we believe semiconductor suppliers must have a broad, advanced intellectual property portfolio, product design expertise, comprehensive product offerings and specialized manufacturing process technologies and capabilities. Our competitive strengths enable us to offer our customers solutions to solve their key challenges. We believe our strengths include:

Advanced Analog and Mixed-Signal Semiconductor Technology and Intellectual Property Platform.

We believe we have one of the broadest and deepest analog and mixed-signal semiconductor technology platforms in the industry. Our long operating history, large patent portfolio, extensive engineering and manufacturing process expertise and wide selection of analog and mixed-signal intellectual property libraries allow us to leverage our technology and develop new products across multiple end markets. Our product development efforts are supported by a team of 419 engineers as of the date of this Report. Our platform allows us to develop and introduce new products quickly as well as to integrate numerous functions into a single product. For example, we were one of the first companies to introduce a commercial OLED display driver for mobile phones.

Established Relationships and Close Collaboration with Leading Global Electronics Companies.

We have a long history of supplying and collaborating on product and technology development with leading innovators in the consumer electronics market. Our close customer relationships have been built based on many years of close collaborative product development which provides us with deep system level knowledge and key insights into our customers’ needs. As a result, we are able to continuously strengthen our technology platform in areas of strategic interest for our customers and focus on those products and services that our customers and end consumers demand the most.

Longstanding Presence in Asia and Proximity to Global Electronics Devices Supply Chain.

Our presence in Asia facilitates close contact with our customers and fast response to their needs, and enhances our visibility into new product opportunities, markets and technology trends. Our design center and substantial manufacturing operations in Korea place us close to many of our largest customers and to the core of the global electronics devices supply chain. We have active applications, engineering, product design and customer support resources, as well as senior management and marketing resources, in geographic locations close to our customers. This allows us to strengthen our relationship with customers through better service, faster turnaround time and improved product design collaboration. We believe this also helps our customers to deliver products faster than their competitors and to solve problems more efficiently than would be possible with other suppliers.

Broad Portfolio of Product and Service Offerings Targeting Large, High-Growth Markets.

We continue to develop a wide variety of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for multiple high-growth electronics device end markets. We believe our expanding product and service offerings allow us to provide additional products to new and existing customers and to cross-sell our products and services to our established customers. For example, we have leveraged our technology expertise and customer relationships to develop and grow power management solutions to customers. Our power management solutions enable our customers to increase system stability and improve heat dissipation and energy use, resulting in improved system efficiency and system cost savings for our customers, as well as environmental benefits. We have been able to sell these new products to our existing customers as well as expand our customer base.

Distinctive Analog and Mixed-Signal Process Technology Expertise and Manufacturing Capabilities.

We have developed specialty analog and mixed-signal manufacturing processes such as high voltage CMOS, power and embedded memory. These processes enable us to flexibly ramp mass production of display, power and mixed-signal products, and shorten the duration from design to delivery of highly integrated, high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors.

Highly Efficient Manufacturing Capabilities.

Our manufacturing strategy is focused on optimizing our asset utilization across our display driver and power management products as well as our foundry services, which enables us to maintain the price competitiveness of our products and services through our low-cost operating structure and improve our operational efficiency. We believe the location of our primary manufacturing and research and development facilities in Asia and the relatively low need for ongoing capital expenditures provide us with a number of cost advantages. We offer specialty analog process technologies that do not require substantial investment in leading edge, smaller geometry process equipment. We are able to utilize our manufacturing base over an extended period of time and thereby minimize our capital expenditure requirements.