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Mask Tooling Service
Provided Service
Frame Layout Work
Considering wafer process, align mark, in-line monitoring pattern, test module and various other keys in scribe are arranged.
OPC Work
Distortions of layout patterns caused by imperfect transfer mechanisms, including mask masking, photo-projection, processes are modified with Optical Proximity Correction(OPC).
Requirement for Mask Tooling
Purchase Order
Data Type
  • - Layout Data: GDS-II Format
  • - MASK Data: MEBES Format
Data Information (Tooling Sheet)
  • - CAD Information for GDS-II Data from Customers
  • - Tooling Information for E-Beam Data from MagnaChip
  • - Data Conversion (Mask Pattern Generation)
    (GDS-II Format into MEBES Format)
Related Information Needed
  • - Mask Spec
  • - Mask Type: 2X,4X,5X(6inch) / Binary & PSM
  • - Frame Pattern, Test Module, etc.
  • - Due Date
Mask Making Service Flow
  • CAD Information
    Design Rule Check list
  • 화살표
  • DB in
  • 화살표
  • Database Review
  • 화살표
  • Frame Work / OPC
  • 화살표
  • Mask Pattern Generation
  • 화살표
  • Job Deck Data Review
  • 화살표
  • Mask Making