The MXG3300 is a high-sensitivity digital compass IC with ultra-small
    package for measuring terrestrial magnetism in the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis.
    It combines magnetic sensors for detecting terrestrial magnetism, sensor
    driving circuit, low noise amplifier, high resolution ADC for each channel,
    embedded FIFO and control circuit for low power computation.

    The MXG3300 supports for low power mode in addition to normal mode
    to extend battery life. The built-in temperature sensor can compensate
    for offset drift caused by non-linear ADC characteristics for each temperature.
    The embedded FIFO dramatically reduces access count from the host to
    the sensor enabling lower power consumption and lower load to the host.
    Maximum 200Hz output data rate will make more prompt response for
    pseudo fusion-sensor functions. With small footprint and low power consumption,
    the MXG2320 is suitable for mobile phones and mobile GPS systems.

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