• We are a Korea-based designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products for consumer, computing, communication, industrial, automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We provide technology platforms for analog, mixed-signal, power, high voltage, non-volatile memory, and RF applications. We have a proven record of 30-year operating history, large portfolio of approximately 2,917 registered novel patents and 141 pending novel patent applications and extensive engineering and manufacturing process expertise. Our business is comprised of three key business lines: Display Solutions, Power Solutions and Semiconductor Manufacturing Services. Our Display Solution products provide flat panel display solutions to major suppliers of large and small flat panel display. Our Power Solutions products include discrete, high-power modules and integrated circuit solutions for power management in consumer, computing, communication and industrial applications. Our Semiconductor Manufacturing Services provide specialty analog and mixed-signal foundry services mainly for fabless and certain Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) semiconductor companies that serve the consumer, computing, communication, industrial, automotive and IoT applications.

    Our wide variety of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products and manufacturing services combined with our matured technology platform allow us to address multiple high-growth end markets and to rapidly develop and introduce new products and services in response to market demands. Our design center and substantial manufacturing operations in Korea place us at the core of the global electronics device supply chain. We believe this enables us to quickly and efficiently respond to our customers needs and allows us to better serve and capture additional demand from existing and new customers.

    We have a long history of supplying and collaborating on product and technology development with leading innovators in the consumer electronics market. As a result, we have been able to strengthen our technology platform and develop products and services that are in high demand by our customers and end consumers. Our largest Semiconductor Manufacturing Services customers include some of the leading semiconductor companies that design analog and mixed-signal products for the consumer, computing, communication, industrial, automotive and IoT applications.

    Our business is largely driven by innovation in the consumer electronics markets and the growing adoption by consumers worldwide of electronic devices for use in their daily lives. The consumer electronics market is large and growing rapidly, largely due to consumers increasingly accessing a wide variety of rich media content, such as high definition audio and video, mobile television and games on advanced consumer electronic devices. Electronics manufacturers are continuously implementing advanced technologies in new generations of electronic devices using analog and mixed-signal semiconductor components, such as display drivers that enable display of high resolution images, encoding and decoding devices that allow playback of high definition audio and video, and power management semiconductors that increase power efficiency, thereby improving heat dissipation and extending battery life.